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HomeFusion: is anyone happy with it?


This is part two of a discussion that was locked which I find funny. I'm not affiliated with the previous OP but would like to follow in their footsteps. Is anyone actually happy with HomeFusion is the question?

My answer NO. I had Verizon for my phone service for 6 years being that I'm 22 that's a good chunk of time. I have had a few others and I can without a doubt say that Verizon was my first choice now its between AT&T and Verizon. I wanted HomeFusion because it was faster than satellite options with the same data limit.

I went to a store to setup my account and order install as directed by Verizon Support. The store had an issue and supposedly had setup a install time. Install time came and went got on the phone to find out why. Was told that no account existed by numerous rep.s as I was bounced around. Finally talked to a Supervisor who informed me that in fact 7 account had been created, but none had install times.

I set an install time barely because I work two jobs and go to school. Install time came and almost went 30 minutes from the time I was told the installer would be there and done I get a call from the installer saying that he is a minimum of 45 minutes away (depending on where exactly he is in that town). I was told by him that that was the time he was supposed to be there not have it installed and be done was misinformed by a customer rep. Called back and worked and finally found a time to have installer come back. Installer shows up on time. Installs where he feels it should be instead of where I want it. Leaves telling me that it will start working within 30 minutes. It does not. Call tech support and they claim that everything is right on their end have me unplug everything and replug in everything still doesn't work. Wait about 15 minutes on phone and now it works.

During this whole process I had a customer service rep laugh at me because I told her I was 22. Probably not a good choice to make fun of your customers especially ones that could possibly be your customers for the next say 50 ish years of their life (just a little business). I had another rep hang up on me, I supervisor hang up on me, and lastly a person from the affiliated company that does the installs hang up on me. I was miss transferred so many times I lost count. When I had half way resolved my problem I had spent about 18 hours on the phone. I lastly talked to a supervisor that informed me that he would look into crediting my account but to do so would have to wait till my first bill had been paid.

That day came and went I gave him since June 25th when he said he would contact me. I finally called tech support and talked to Noah we stated that the case had been closed on June 26th and no credit was awarded there was no notation that the credit had been denied just nothing. Called Trinity's number that he gave me no response sent him an email no response.

He is a tech support supervisor name Trinity (removed) his number is (removed) email: (removed)

As far as the names of the people that were bad or good. Brad (removed) a Sales Supervisor really good guy if you have a Sales issue definitely get in contact with him (works noon to evening). Noah good guy actually seems to care (works late evenings). Olivas might want to ask for a different Supervisor if you get him.

As far as connection goes it has sporadic loss of signal issues but very sporadic. The data cap sucks. The speed is actually quite good. The price is excessive when compared to wired.

Overall all unless you get absolutely screwed by the setup like me and you don't have access to wired connections HomeFusion is the next best thing.

Now I have to get in contact with tech support about looking into my credit.

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Re: HomeFusion: is anyone happy with it?


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Still no return in email or phone call. Also Admin, maybe you could actually give me a way to reach someone that can help me.

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