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Home Phone Connect - Dialing Out Problems


When dialing out from phones connected to the home phone connect router (whether corded or cordless phones), many times the call does not go through.  I get a message "Your call can not be completed as dialed. Please hang up and redial the number including the area code.  5-switch-4,3" After trying the outbound call a few times, it usually ultimately connects and goes through.  I have two home phone connect routers from Verizon, and they operate the same.  So this is a design problem; my router units are probably not defective hardware.  I plan on bringing this problem up with the CA PUC if it is not solved soon.

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Re: Home Phone Connect - Dialing Out Problems

Asistencia al cliente

I'm sorry you're having problems when making calls with your Home Phone Connect marvinesq! Let's figure out what's going on. How long have you had both of your devices? When did the problems start? Does this happen randomly, or with any/ every call? Please try disconnecting the device(s) for 30 seconds. When you reconnect, please  ensure the power adaptor is properly connected and power indicator is illuminated. Also, please make sure the telephone cable is securely plugged in, and try to place calls again. Please keep us posted.


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