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Hidden Fee and Terrible Customer Service


I recently went into my local Verizon store to upgrade my phone. In the past I have received excellent service from a sales employee at this specific store so I continue to go back and work with him. This time a different sales employee assisted me and the experience was terrible.

This sales employee added insurance to my bill without asking me if I wanted insurance, telling me he was adding insurance, in fact insurance was not brought up at all by the employee or by me. Through research I have since learned that he receives some type of commission for signing me up for insurance when I did not previously have it. (I have been a Verizon customer for ten years and never had insurance.)

Second, this employee was very rude and condescending toward me. He would not show me how to access iCloud on my old device to sync my information. Instead he told me that I had never synced my phone and that I would have to do so to move my information to my new phone, which is completely understandable. When I asked him how long this would take, he asked me how many pictures I had on my device. I have 2,000. He informed me that it takes about 1 hour for every 50 pictures; so that would be a 40 hour sync for me to perform on my own time and 40 hours to wait to have my contacts. He did NOT offer to transfer my information in the store. Instead he reminded me that the value of my phone depreciates.

Additionally, he altered my corporate discount on my account from 22% off my monthly bill to 3% off my monthly bill.

Following my visit, I had a new $300 phone with none of my information, my old phone sitting on a charger syncing, an additional $11 added to my monthly bill and only a fraction of my applicable Corporate discount being applied. Not only did this employee waste my time and money but he was very rude to me as he did so. At this point I am prepared to return my phone, cancel my service and use my work cell phone through AT&T as my personal phone. Is there any other way for me to remediate all of this? I am sure if I went in to the store my bill would be corrected, however I do not want this employee to receive commission on my purchase due to the poor service I received. But if I return my phone (it has been less than 14 days) I will owe a restocking fee and would be out even more money due to this employee's poor actions. Does anyone have any advice here?

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Re: Hidden Fee and Terrible Customer Service

Líder Sénior

Why not just remove the insurance and have the employee discount rectified.  Both can be done in store or over the phone. 

Re: Hidden Fee and Terrible Customer Service

Asistencia al cliente
Upgrading your phone should be a fun and easy process Chamberson. It saddens me to see the experience you recently had at our store location. Have you contacted our Customer Service Department to inquire on why the discount went from 22% to 3%? Adding Insurance to your account is an optional feature. This should not have been added without asking you. You do have the option to remove the feature online via My Verizon or by contacting our Customer Service Department.  We would also be more than happy to assist you in transferring the content on your previous device. Were you able to sync all your content to the Cloud?

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Re: Hidden Fee and Terrible Customer Service


A corporate discount cannot be modified by a sales rep. Not easily, anyway. I have also never seen a discount at only 3%.

As suggested call in or go back to the store to get it taken care of. Me? If a rep was rude to me I would not work with them. You are not tied to anything until you pay. I would have walked away and come back another day or asked for someone else. It is no secret that VZW reps make a commission.

As far as syncing, you can plug your old iPhone into the computer and sync through iTunes and then plug the new one into the computer and restore everything to the new phone. This takes far less time than iCloud and has been a feature of iPhone since its inception in 2007. Of course, if you traded in your iPhone it has probably already been reset to factory settings and sent away. You'll not get it back in this case.