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HTC U11 loses signal


I've had my HTC U11 for 2 months now, and in the last 2 weeks I have lost complete signal service twice, no talk or text. The first time I contacted Verizon, tried many things, resetting the network, getting a new SIM, but nothing, even talked to a tech who said he could see the phone but wasn't getting signal.  They said talk to HTC, talked to HTC and of course they say it's Verizons fault, but if anything, do factory reset, which I did and it worked.  Now 2 weeks later, lost signal again.  I don't want to keep resetting, so I'm wondering if anyone has had this issue and found away around it. If not, looks like I'm sending this back to HTC.

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Re: HTC U11 loses signal


I've had the same thing happen. I haven't done any hard resets or anything since they rarely, if ever, solve the issue. It's happened a few times and with my data issues and not getting complete texts (when the sender sends a text more than 160 characters), I'm about to put this on the line and sell it and get another phone of some sort. Love my HTC but this has got to be fixed. No matter how many times I send Verizon Support messages on Twitter, they can't seem to understand they have a problem but why fix it when such a small number of people have the phone? Lose a few to save millions of dollars? Two words: Social Media. People Talk. Okay, that's four words.

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