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HORRIFIC Customer Service and Dishonest Business Practices

After well over a decade of service with Verizon Wireless and having 6 active lines with them, Verizon has not only lost my business, I will do everything within my power to convince everyone I know or ever come in contact with that Verizon is not a company that anyone should ever do business with in any way, shape, or form including my family, friends, employers and anyone I ever see with a Verizon phone or considering doing business with Verizon. 

Time are hard and I was working to pay off a past due amount.  I was coming close to being fully paid off.  I was current on my payment plan and there was no reason to expect my service to be terminated for a missed payment or failure to pay.  Then, Verizon wrongfully terminated five of my contracts, one of which had an unlimited data plan.  On July 2nd, I received a text message indicated that my account was scheduled for disconnect on July 7th and that I should call them if this is not what I wanted.  So, I called that same day.  I spoke with Amber.  I told her of this text message I received and was advised that it was because I had a past due balance.  I told her that #1 - the text message had nothing to do with my balance because I had arrangements made with Retention, those arrangements were met and current, and #2 - that the text message did not say that my service would be interrupted, but that it was being terminated. 

I requested to speak with the department that handles complete disconnects so that I could ensure that my services were not scheduled for termination.  She refused to transfer me and told me that she didn't see any notice for disconnection on my account.  I requested again to speak with that department and she refused again assuring me that my account was fine and would not be disconnected.  Reluctantly, I hung up and waited. 

On the evening of July 7th, FIVE of my SIX lines were terminated.  The only one NOT terminated was my line - the one I used to call from on July 2nd.  When I called Verizon to rectify the problem, they demanded the full past due, which I had arrangements for and was current in paying.  I refused.  I was transferred from one department to another to another with rep after rep assuring me that my services would be back on before the end of the day. 

VZW even ADMITTED that the representative AMBER deleted the line item that showed my account was going to be disconnected, which is why my line remained active, but that she failed to do it for the other five lines on my account and, therefore, it was HER FAULT. 

I spent a total of EIGHT HOURS on hold and on the phone with Verizon Wireless. And, of course, hours upon hours upon hours waiting for reps to call me back who never did. 

One of the most disgusting things I experienced was spending hours getting transferred back and forth between customer service, financial services, retention and back to customer service all of them telling me that none of them were responsible for reconnecting lines and didn't have any ability to reconnect services! 


Verizon Wireless wrongfully disconnected my lines and then held them hostage and tried to extort money from me.  Now, they won't release my numbers back to me to port into another service.  My hubby is a service member and a civil federal employee.  He has to have his phone with him 24/7 and to change his number with them is a pain in the royal butt!  He's had that number for years.  Now I've had to go pay nearly $200 out of pocket to get new service and Verizon won't give his number back to him.  On top of all of it, VZW had the nerve to charge me over $527 in early termination fees for contract terminations!!!! 

I hope that Amber loses her job, along with ever other representative who failed to resolve this issue and failed to call me back and make things right.

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HORRIFIC Customer Service and Dishonest Business Practices

Amazing!  After posting this and after filing an FCC Complaint, I got a phone call from Verizon this morning and all my lines have been reconnected and the early termination fees have been reversed.

People, this is proof that if you've been wronged and you keep documentation of your efforts and don't just quit and give up and walk away and let people who have wronged you win.

Whether or not I will continue with Verizon Wireless as my provider after the last of my contracts expires in 6 months has yet to be determined.  No credit was given for the $130 I had to put out for Straight Talk phones when they refused to turn my phones back on.

It's a pity it took 5 days for them to actually do something forcing me to pay $130 cash for something I shouldn't have had to pay cash for.  Yes, I am grateful to have my phones back.  But, I've still been left harmed and that is a cryin' shame.