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Group chat with non-Verizon users


I just recently switched to using messenger+ and created a group chat with some friends. 2 other people have verizon (one an iphone and the other a samsung s7) and the rest are on vatt/sprint with iphones or the samsung s7 or note 8.

The verizon users have no issues. The non verizon users see my name, but for anyone else they see a phone number instead of names. Everyone in the group chat has everyone's number saved to their phone and this was not an issue until I created a chat with messenger+.

Is this fixable or will I need to switch back to the "normal" text messenger? I want everyone to be able to see people's contact names, not the phone number.

In case youre wondering I use an s7 edge.

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Re: Group chat with non-Verizon users

Community Manager
Community Manager



We're glad to hear that you are trying Verizon Messages+ and we're happy yo help make sure things are working. To clarify your concern, you mentioned that others are seeing a number. Are these users seeing your number or another? 


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