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Government Employee Discount Program


We have a discount through my husbands employment.  He was asked by Verizon to provide an employee e-mail address.  He is a Federal Employee that does not have an e-mail that is available for use outside of the organization. We called Verizon. He was told to send them, via mail, e-mail or fax a copy of his pay stub so they could have it uploaded to their system.  I think not!  Verizon is not above being hacked. Why should we provide a pay stub with quite a lot of sensitive information to Verizon, so that they can have it stored in their system.  Social Security numbers, wages, addresses, government pay codes and more information is on that pay stub.  My husband told the woman on the phone that and she said just to bring the stub into one of their stores and they would upload the information.  What part of, do not store my information on your server, do you not get?  Why can I not take the pay stub to a Verizon store, have the employee or manager verify that it is a recent government pay stub and then that person can go into their system and check mark the box that says verified?  We will probably leave Verizon because of the customer service agents attitude. Sad since we have been customers for well over 15 years.

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Re: Government Employee Discount Program

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Si cargas un talón de pago u otro documento para probar tu empleo o afiliación, te pedimos que taches estos datos:

  • Salario
  • Monto de impuestos
  • Información bancaria
  • Número de seguro social
  • Número de identificación del empleado

Employee Military Discounts Employment Validation FAQs | Verizon Wireless

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