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Got my ETF from Sprint (finally), can Verizon pay?


Hi! I ported my number from Sprint to Verizon in September and I was given an offer where Verizon would pay my previous carrier's ETF/Final Bill. Well it's taken forever for me to actually receive it from Sprint (finally got it today), but now I can't find the e-mail/offer I was given when I first switched. Is it possible that Verizon can still pay? Or is it too late?

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Re: Got my ETF from Sprint (finally), can Verizon pay?

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If you are unable to find the email from Verizon, the best thing to do would be to contact them at 1-800-922-0204 and explain to them the offeryou received. Keep in mind, Verizon does not pay Sprint directly for the ETF fees. You are responsible for paying these fees first, and obtain proof that you paid the fees, then provide proof to Verizon that it has been paid. Once they receive the necessary documentation showing that it has been paid off, they will then process your promotion. Keep in mind that this process can take several months.

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Re: Got my ETF from Sprint (finally), can Verizon pay?


Make sure to follow the info!

Verizon Wireless: ETF

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