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Google Voice, Port old number


Here is the scenario I need some feedback on.

I would like to port my old number to google voice and open a new line with Verizon to take advantage of a promotion.  The old number is the account owner, so I will transer that to the spouse's number as the account owner to keep all other lines open with no disruption in service.

I will activate a new line of service with Verizon with obviously a new number.

I don't want to have to give a new number to all my friends/family. So....

What problems can I anticipate forwarding the calls/texts from Google voice ported (old number) to the new device.  

If I have 3 payments left on the old line/phone - do I need to pay this off first before attempting to do this?

Later can I port my old number from Google voice back into Verizon and cancel the new number once it is paid off?

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Re: Google Voice, Port old number

Community Manager
Community Manager

Greetings, Jnhowell. We want to help as much as possible so you can manage your account as you see fit. To begin, in order to add a new line of service and discuss any available promotions, I recommend reaching out to our Sales Team. They can be reached directly by calling 1-800-225-5499. Their hours of operation are Monday through Friday from 8am-2am ET, Saturdays from 8am-12pm ET, and Sundays from 10am-10pm ET. As far as forwarding the number, this would be completed by Google’s systems rather than Verizon Wireless. As far as payments, the device would need to be paid in full in order to avoid the remaining balance from being applied to the next bill. As far as being able to port the number back to Verizon Wireless, here is more information about the Port Process: My best suggestion would be speaking with our Sales Team first before making any changes to the account. Please let me know if you have any further questions or concerns.