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Goodbye Verizon and your crappy service too!

I have been a Verizon wireless customer for almost ten years; and I have never been so poorly treated buy any business in my life.

                I have two iPhone 4s model phones; both of which upon upgrading to IOS 7 decided to “freak out” (I do not have the time or the inclination to go into a long dissertation of all of the symptoms here.).

I contacted Verizon support and was subjected to over twenty-four hours of techno terror between Apple and Verizon Tech support.

                Long story short they finally decided to send me replacement phones. I received used phones that still do not work and to make matters now worse one of them the rotation sensor does not work much of the time. More talking to tech support.

                In short; I informed Verizon that as a utility that is not performing a service that I am paying for I refuse to pay until the problem is corrected, instead of doing what it takes to fix the issue and make a positive impact on the customer (aka Dog poop in the eyes of Verizon)  My lines were simply shut off.

                Good going Verizon!!

Hello AT&T

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Re: Goodbye Verizon and your crappy service too!

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Shouldn't have iPhones I'm only saying that because I'm an android guy. You are having technical problems, they can credit the bill most times after it's done for service. But you can't expect them to keep giving you service (not the phone, the signal) without receiving payment. I don't know what you were expecting them to do. Obviously any company will shut someone off for non-pay

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Re: Goodbye Verizon and your crappy service too!


Verizon's crappy service also extends to their billing practices.  Verizon removed a Data Block from my son's phone on August 10th without my permission.  I am now being told it is my obligation to meticulously go through more than 50 pages to insure they didn't make a mistake.  Since I just paid the bills fro October and November, then will not reimburse me for Verizon's mistake.  What a way to treat a customer of more than ten years!!!!

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Re: Goodbye Verizon and your crappy service too!


I am pretty sure that every wireless carrier is going to have issues once in a while in some form or another, So good luck with your switch. My experience has always been that Verizon sells a superior service for a bit more money (at least in Portland Oregon) so I always return...

T-mobile= only works in city 

sprint= pure garbage

at&t= a close second to Verizon

Good luck , this is not a Verizon employee Smiley Happy

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Re: Goodbye Verizon and your crappy service too!

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I would agree T-Mobile has great voice & data services in major cities. Terrible in outlining areas. AT&T has both great voice & data all over, pretty close to Verizon and I know many people that have Sprint and in the cities good voice & data but like T-Mobile outlining coverage is spotty. They don't have a great 4G LTE network but my friend swears data is pretty good on 3 G and HSPA+ and some combination of both.

However Sprint ranks high in customer service, so does TMobile and AT&T but Verizon's tech support is rated poor by all standards from two years ago when they rated high.

But you would be correct all the providers will or do have support problems.

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Re: Goodbye Verizon and your crappy service too!

Community Manager
Community Manager

I want you satisfied Unsatisfied_customer and I don't want to lose you! Please contact our finance departement at 866-266-1445 to inquire about any available arrangement to re-activate the lines. Upon doing so I would love to restore your current device(s) or look into any replacement options. Muchas gracias.

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