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Hi Verizon People, Smart phone and all services are working fine.  I do need some help with one thing and don't
know where to go to get it. My Data useage is funny. 2 Gig, 4 Gig, and sometimes 6 Gig, is used within one month.

I can't find out how this is happening.

One example is: 8/07/2013 9:00 AM 45K+ was recorded according to the website data useage records.

On that particular day and time I had an appointment scheduled and had no Verizon activity at all.

That's a hard fact and simple truth. Where do I go to see if someone has "hacked" into my Jetpack?

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Re: Gigabites

Líder Sénior

When you say you "had no Verizon activity at all", does that mean the Jetpack/computer were both turned off or were you just not sitting at the computer?

If the computer and/or Jetpack was NOT turned off there are reasons why you CAN be using data when NOT sitting at the computer, but at, say, a scheduled appointment.

Email, for instance. Do you MANUALLY check for email, or do you have email automatically downloaded to your computer when it arrives(i.e. push email). Another method is to have your computer check for email on regularly scheduled intervals, such as every 10 minutes, 15 minutes, or whatever interval you determine. Each and Every time your email client contacts the server, whether or not ANY email is actually downloaded or received, you are using data. Even if you are not at your computer and are, say, at a scheduled appointment.

Do you have your computer set up to regularly check for updates? Weather apps? Text apps? An app store which lets you know when updates are available for download? A webpage open with content that changes(or updates)? These are ALL items which CAN and WILL use data even if you are, say, at a scheduled appointment.

Regardless, 45 KB is NOT a large amount of data. It is only 0.045 MB and 0.000045 GB. It is not unreasonable to think one of the above examples is the reason for the data usage at that time.

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Re: Gigabites

Community Manager
Community Manager

Dear Ken_Ingram_zyx,

Good morning. I understand knowing how your data is being used is very important. Especially to ensure you do not exceed your data allowance. On a jetpack it is strongly suggested to power off the device if you are not home and not using it. The reason being is that any wi-fi enabled device may automatically connect to your jetpack and use the data if there is any software updates on a pc, laptop, etc.

In addition, if anyone else is near your jetpack who has the password and the jetpack is not locked, they may have the ability to connect to your jetpack using data on their device. To avoid unauthorized usage, we suggest to power off jetpack when you are not using it. Also, when you stream or download data such at movies, tv shows, music, videos, online gaming, this will also use a lot of data. If your jetpack is locked and no one has access to the password, there is not a way to hack the data.

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