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Getting Screwed by Verizon because of incompetent workers


We tried to bundle all our services into one account with a 10 G wifi.  Verizon made mistakes creating the bundle both the first time and the second time when we called to correct the first mistake.  Now they claim they can't verify the first account because the phone number is now associated with a different account.  This is a phone number that THEY TRANSFERRED with verification from the first account to the new account.  They claim they can't fix a billing error because of their inability to verify the account.  So now that they've made two mistakes and caused us hours of time they want us to drive 40 miles to solve a problem they caused.  To add insult to injury the last time we called the lady hung up on us or was disconnected right in the middle of a sentence.  SERIOUSLY?

We are EXTREMELY dissatisfied with Verizon's service in making this change.  They have made multiple mistakes and seem to have no common sense or power to clean up their own mess.  I would like the phone number of someone at Verizon that actually has some power to do something about this instead of continuing to get the run around.  We are frustrated to the point of breaking contract so we don't have to deal with this incompetence any longer. 

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Re: Getting Screwed by Verizon because of incompetent workers

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(In James Earl Jones Voice) "Welcome to Verizon Wireless" (/James Earl Jones Voice)

Go to a corporate store to straighten it out. Yeah its a bummer, but Verizon hires ill trained, low paid, screen readers who really don't have the authority in most cases to fix the goofs they make.

You know for a phone company the hanging up on customers or the lost call seems to be a major problem. My personal opinion is when they don't know what to do, or they know they made a problem worse they hang up on the customer. They are made to placate you, lie to you, distract you just to get you off the phone.

The customer service is now rated as terrible then it was two years ago. Chat is never available and email support is gone, the twitter and facebook venues are just as bad as when verizon answers questions here. There are some that actually help.

You can tell who they are via not reading (removed) like "Oh where has the love gone" "We would miss you" well you get the point.

If the corporate store cannot help you just leave the service. Its about all you can do.

Good Luck

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Re: Getting Screwed by Verizon because of incompetent workers


Spoke to Meagan at Verizon (5th call for this bundle) and finally found a person who would listen and helped us.  She saved this account for Verizon.  They need to hire more employees like this one.