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Galaxy S4 - Since Lollipop having trouble getting on to voice network, needs reboot.


The following has only happened since I took the Lollipop upgrade, and I wondered if this has happened to anyone else.

One of the offices in my building gets no cell service. Before the "upgrade", I would pop out of this office every now and again, check for messages and make phone calls. After the "upgrade" when I came out of the office, I was not able to connect to the phone network unless I powered the phone down and turned it back on again. A regular restart would not do it.

I reported the problem to Verizon live tech support (we are paying extra for Verizon Protect). They did whatever they could remotely, and then suggested that I bring the phone in to a Verizon corporate store to have the sim card changed, as a weak or defective sim card could cause this problem. I have been a long term Verizon customer; but, this being my first smart phone, I know nothing about sim cards, so off I went.

After spending 45 minutes in transit, and 10 minutes at the Verizon store I had a new sim card. The next time I had a meeting in that room I came out to find that the problem still existed. The only difference was that this time I got a notice on the phone saying that I had a Non-Verizon sim card.

I would appreciate any insight or suggestions. Thanks,

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