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Friends and Family Plans

Hi - I have a little app that I thought was a great idea. It runs on your computer - not on your phone. I had a college kid write it for me to help me save from overage charges. Every time you run it, it tells you which numbers should be in your Friends and Family list. It was so helpful, I thought I could sell it to other Verizon customers that were on plans that involved Friends and Family lists. My marketing has been limited, but completely ineffective. I haven't sold ONE COPY!

I'd like to hear your comments. Was it just a bad assumption that other people would like help managing their F&F lists? Do you think it's a good idea, but suspect my marketing is the problem? If so, HELP!! Any ideas how to effectively market would be fantastic.

Do you think $15 is too much? My experience has been that when you go over, it's usually WAY more than $15.



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Re: Friends and Family Plans
Líder Sénior

There is a Firefox addon already for free

With the program you speak of you must have to log into MyVerizon, correct? Otherwise how is the info gathered?

Heck log into MyVerizon and download the info into an Excel spreadsheet.

Re: Friends and Family Plans

That's exactly what I was doing. Get the usage files and start up Excel. Sort by phone number and then total the minutes for the numbers that seemed to have high usage and weren't Verizon numbers. Not too difficult. I have 4 numbers in my Family Plan so I had to do it for all 4 usage files. It took about 45 minutes every time.

The program works the same way. You have to log into MyVerizon and download your usage files. There's a video tutorial on the website (Friends and Family Helper).  With this program, the whole process takes about 2 minutes.

It's a good program and it's a time saver. It can help the folks that risk overage charges routinely. A good customer might be a Realtor who talks to someone A LOT for a couple months and then the deal closes and they're talking to someone else A LOT. This customer may not have Excel or know how to use it. They have to be technical enough to download the xls files. How do I reach them?

What's the Firefox addon?