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Fraudulent Equipment Charges...no credit in sight!!!!

On March 3, 2015, two iPhone 6 pluses and one iPad was purchased fraudulently and activated at a Verizon Wireless store in the Boise Town Square in Boise ID under order number <<removed>> on my account. In addition to these purchases, an equipment charge of $185.47 was added to my account as well. Thank god I had email alerts turned on and these charges were relayed to me almost immediately. I, in turn, contacted the Boise store but was not helped in anyway. The store manager stated he checked all identification and he knows it was me. This is impossible because I was in Naperville IL at the time of the sale and have never been to Idaho in my life. When I did not get any satisfaction from the store, I contacted Verizon Wireless fraud division and told my story. The Verizon Wireless investigator felt this occurrence was what he calls a "commissions scheme". He immediately reversed the charges associated with the three devices, returned my service plan back to the original plan but for some reason he could not refund me the "equipment charges" charged directly to my account ($185.46). He did, however, tell me this credit (equipment charges) would be credited in one to two billing cycles and that I should suspend direct pay until the charges are expunged. He stated it was easier this way than for them to refund the money to me if I did pay the fraudulent charges upfront.

Next billing cycle (Feb 8, 2015 - Mar 7, 2015), the "equipment charges" were still in place so I just paid my regular charges (approx. $211.40). The second billing cycle (March 8, 2015 - April 7, 2015), the "equipment charges, were still in place, so I just paid the regular charges of $215. The third billing cycle (May 8, 2015 - June 7, 2015) still has the erroneous "equipment charges" in place. And to make matters worse, I have been threaten with disconnection notices even though I have paid my regular bills. I have contacted Verizon Wireless twice since the initial time with the fraud department and they have all stated the issue would be handled but I keep getting notices I am not happy with. When will this issue get cleared up? That is the $185.47 question.

Please help!

A frustrated customer

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Re: Fraudulent Equipment Charges...no credit in sight!!!!
Asistencia al cliente
I can certainly understand how concerned you may have been to receive unauthorized equipment charges to your account spicerv1. Have you reached out to our Customer Service Team or Fraud to inquire on the equipment credit?

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Re: Fraudulent Equipment Charges...no credit in sight!!!!

i would call back and speak w/ the fraud team again and make sure they get you fully taken care of because it dosent take 2-3 billing cycles for things like that it should only take 30 days or be immediate expectialy for fraud