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Fraud department can't tell me anything!


So I am debating about upgrading to the Note 10 for my wife and I but last month there was a weird situation that wouldnt allow me to add my In-laws on my plan without it taking 2 days and speaking to fraud. Now I can't even add any devices including a tablet for my daughter and they can't even tell me what is going on or why my account is flagged for fraud! It's my account! I know everything about my account and can even go to a store to show proof of ID and it's still not enough. Here's the real kicker, I work for one of the authorized retailers of Verizon. Why can no one in the fraud department tell me why my account is flagged for fraud!? 

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Re: Fraud department can't tell me anything!

Community Manager
Community Manager

DFavidbryan70, We're sorry to hear that you're having trouble with adding lines to your account. The security of your account is super important to us. We recommend that you contact our Fraud Prevention Team again at


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