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Forget Verizon!!!!


When I saw that I was going to go over my minutes I logged
into my account online to up my plan so I would have more minutes. When I chose
to up my plan it told me it was going to backdate my minutes and there was a
green bar that showed me all the unused minutes I now had.

For the next two weeks I made calls worry free since I was
proactive in upping my minutes and plan. Then I got my bill which had $92 in
over minute's charges. I called Version and told them I upped my plan before I
went over and they told me I didn't. They say I chose the option that upped my
plan, but would not backdate my minutes. I asked them "Why would I log into my
account when I’m out of minutes and up my plan, but not backdate my minutes?”
They didn’t understand it either, but were NOT AT ALL WILLING TO LOOK AT THE
SITUATION FROM MY POINT OF VIEW. They were completely un-sympatric and were not
at all concerned by the extra $92 that was going out of my pocket since it was
going into theirs!

I vowed I would cancel my plan with them as soon as my contract
was over and they didn't seem to care at all. I think Verizon is company with
terrible customer service, care only for their profit and are not worth the
monthly payment!

To avoid paying an additional $250, I will be cancelling my
services with them as soon as my contract is up!!!

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Re: Forget Verizon!!!!


don't feel bad i am in the same boat as you can't wait for contract to be up to cancel

they do know that we can't do any thing while still in contract but to pay those charges

they do not work with you at all

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Re: Forget Verizon!!!!


You're definitely not the only person with customer service issues with Verizon.  From what I've been reading for quite a while, it sounds like Verizon used to have excellent customer service but recently (the last year or two?), it's been going downhill.  Every person I've talked to or read posts from that had to rely on their customer service has been appalled at how bad it's been.  Apparently, they don't care about you until your contract is almost up.

Remember to support (or avoid supporting) businesses customer service with your wallet.  If they try and lure you into another contract with some sweet deals, remember what their customer service has been like, make sure you let them know why you're leaving (I'm hoping if they get enough complaints and lose enough business, they'll make some changes) but if you sign back on again, you're rewarding them for their terrible customer service.

¡Buena suerte!

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