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For the love of god do not shut down this store in my town.

To whom it may concern,

Lets get down to business on this problem that my town is facing. One, the Verizon corporate store in Escanaba, Mi is closing? For the love of god why are you guys doing this? I have had a great experience in dealing with Verizon over the years from helping me with my phone problems to just being very helpful when I need a new product upgrade. The other affiliate store in my area (That will remain nameless) that are not knowledgeable as those folks at the corporate store. One time I went to an affiliate store to edge up and that was a complete nightmare and a half. I asked for a phone (HTC One M8 Windows) that I wanted and what did these guys do? They sold me the same exact model but it was the Androd version! The saleswoman (Which was the store manager) told me you can make this into a windows version (Which is a big NO-NO because that would void my warranty for Jail-breaking!) and messed up my contract to the point i couldn't (also breaking contract) edge up for 30 days! After fixing this at the Escanaba corporate store to the actual phone after that mess up when I didn't want the Android Phone! So, if you want to keep your loyal customers like myself that is a military veteran that owns and manage a Computer Company Also my other relatives that own trucking companies and insurance agencies. I would suggest that you please reconsider this disastrous move of closing the best Wireless Store in my area.

Thank you for your time.

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