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Filing a Complaint - Failure to Honor Promises

I am writing to complain about the poor customer service
that I have received this week and how Verizon Customer Service is not doing
anything to remedy the situation.

I will begin with my timeline of the events:

3/31/14 My call started at 9pm CST into the 611 Verizon
number to discuss an issue with Facetime and possibly adding their internet on
my IPAD. I was placed on a 30 mins hold before the customer service rep (CSR)
Cynthia got on the line. We discussed my issues and that took about 30 mins.
Then she made me aware of the promotion that was ending that night with the
IPhone 5c 32G phones that all 3 of my lines were eligible for with it being
Free plus $30.00 upgrade fee and taxes that she calculated were $2.41 so $32.41
for each phone, which I was never advised that I was eligible for neither mail
or email or call until I called in that night.
I agreed and she was processing the order of the 3 phones and made me
aware that the phones were on back order until 4/25/14 which I stated that I
can wait for the phone and she confirmed that she would process the order for
the Promotion and my fees were to be billed to my account and show up after the
phones are shipped. However she couldn't, your system would not allow her to
process the order so she transferred me to a supervisor Eric ID 550737 to
further assist me. Eric then stated that he tried to process the order but
couldn't as there was something wrong with the system. He couldn't transfer me
to the department who could override this as they had left for the day. He
stated that he would call me back the next day and discuss with that department
and transfer me to complete the order and he stated that the Promotion would
still be Honored as I had called within the timeframe and it was a Verizon
system issue not my fault. We ended the call at 11:15pm CST.

4/1/14 At 3:11pm CST I receive a call from Eric stating that
he was calling to transfer me and complete my order for the phones. He
transferred me to Lucas in Customer Loyalty Team and then Eric left the line.
Lucas then proceeds to tell me that he cannot honor the Promotion since it was
over. He stated that the phones were sold out and I confirmed that I knew that
the phones were on back order but that I was promised that the order would go
thru since it was their system that wouldn't process the order last night. He
stated that he could only offer me the Iphone 5c 16G. When I declined because
that was not the Promotion that I was promised he seems annoyed that he was
doing me a favor giving me a lesser grade phone. I asked for a supervisor
however I was declined and told that they were all in a conference. He stated
that he would have a supervisor call me back within 24-48 hrs. I asked for the
name of his department and a phone number directly to their department

4/1/14 At 6:09pm CST I called the number 800-793-5763
because I was frustrated and dissatisfied with the response from Lucas and
wanted to speak to a supervisor. However when I called it was a recording to
put an ext in and picked a random number to speak to someone as Lucas never
gave me an ext. I then got someone in the real estate department, therefore
Lucas gave me a false number.


4/1/14 At 6:14pm called 611 and spoke to James and explained
the situation all over again. He stated that the CSR got an email that day in
regards to the system error that did not allow CSR to process the orders on
3/31/14. He then stated that he saw Eric’s notes in the file about the order
error and transfer to honor the promotion. James stated that he was going to
note the file again and transfer it to the offline team that was dealing with
the system error to call me to resolve the issue and complete my order. I
should receive a call within 24-48 hrs.

4/3/14 At 6:40pm CST called 611 and spoke to Mike to check
status on my issue. He stated that he saw some notes in the file but nothing
indicating from Eric supervisor stating that I tried to process the order on
3/31/14 before the deadline of the promotion. I got annoyed because I was told
on 4/1/14 by James that the notes were in the file. Therefore I again explained
the situation and he stated that he was going to send an email to a supervisor
so that he can follow up with Eric the supervisor that I spoke to and get this
resolved. I requested to speak to a supervisor and was transferred to
supervisor Mike that the previous CSR explained my issue. He stated that he
knew the issue and would forward the information along. He was very condensing
to me and talked down as annoyed that I requested to speak to him. He blamed me
for not placing the order prior to 3/31/14 as he believed that I was advised of
the promotion because Verizon sent out a mailing. I confirmed that I was not
aware until I called in on 3/31/14 and he was still talking down to me. He stated
that he would forward the information. I confirmed that I would file a
complaint to Corporate as I am getting the run around and he can forward the
information on his end.

I am extremely disappointed with all of the run around that
I am getting regarding an error that Verizon had on 3/31/14. This is completely
not what customer service is and beyond ridiculous that this issue has reached
this level.


Please also note that the two times that I was told that
someone was going to call me within 24-48 hrs that has not happened. I was told
on 4/1/14 and it is 4/3/14 and no response. I am the one that keeps having to
call and no one knows what is going on.


If this does not get resolved, then I will have no choice but to file a complaint with
Better Business Bureau.



I very dissatisfied and frustrated customer.

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Re: Filing a Complaint - Failure to Honor Promises
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This is how you handle the situation.

Never take that type of treatment from Verizon Wireless.

The coverage may not be what you need but you can check it out before you switch.

Don't believe any response that says they don't want you to leave, or follow them and they will try and fix the issues

You are not going to get that promotion now and the we will call you back within twenty years or less is just a put off.

Good Luck

Re: Filing a Complaint - Failure to Honor Promises

i would also file a complaint with the FTC website. I am ready to do the same thing after almost a whole week without my problem solved, between 3 chats and 5 calls I now have about 5 reasons for my problem and if any reason was right it would not explain why after about a year and a half i have a no more 4 g on my broadband. yes i am in an extended 4g area surrounded my 4g full coverage and decemeber 2012 started to get it on my broadband.. i got for the past year and a half 4g with 3 bars until march 29 this week ..now i get 4 g no bars 10 minutes it drops first to 2g then 3g with 2 bars and everything freezees and can't do anything but shut off.. today i have to call the company i do at home work on my pc and tell them that i have to quit cause i can't get to the website. thank you verizon for al your help and excuses.. 10 tears of service with no coplains, problems in the past fixed in hours now nothing

Re: Filing a Complaint - Failure to Honor Promises

Here's your problem:

"yes i am in an extended 4g area"

Extended service areas are on a best effort service commitment:

America's Largest 4G LTE Network | Verizon Wireless - Verizon Wireless

"** Access the 4G LTE network within the Verizon Extended Coverage Area; certain conditions may cause your service to connect to 3G in this Area."

That means if it works it works, if not then the best VZW can offer is 3G.  Most extended support areas are provided by partnering with 3rd party towers, not VZW owned ones.  VZW does not make any promises to support a particular technology if it is considered to be in an extended support area.  This is the nature of the beast.

You could have looked into boosters and antennas to amplify your 4G LTE signal, but those devices don't come with any guarantees.  All they can do is work with the signals that area already in the area to begin with, a quick Site Survey would let you know if you are a good candidate for them or not.  Now that even if you are you would still have disruptions as a result of various wireless issues beyond your control.

Site Survey:

Will an Antenna or Amplifier Help Me? Find out BEFORE You Buy!

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Re: Filing a Complaint - Failure to Honor Promises
Asistencia al cliente

Hello Cubateca, it is our commitment to provide a top notch customer experience. I'm sorry to hear about the circumstances surrounding the order that was not processed. Prices and promotions are subject to change periodically. You may find a future promotion to your liking. Stay tuned for future news & announcements here: http://bit.ly/n5snpq We can also further investigate the issue and provide feedback to our upper leadership for the reps who did not call back as promised. You can send us a direct message here: http://vz.to/1b8XnPy We appreciate your continued patience.

VZW Support
Follow us on twitter @VZWSupport 

Re: Filing a Complaint - Failure to Honor Promises
Asistencia al cliente

Hello dmh359, we absolutely appreciate your 10 years of loyalty with us! Service at your fingertips is what we strive for. What zip code are you located in? Also, what is the make & model of the device? We'd like to dive deeper and further investigate.

VZW Support
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Re: Filing a Complaint - Failure to Honor Promises

My broadband is vl600 zip 14590

Re: Filing a Complaint - Failure to Honor Promises
Asistencia al cliente

Thanks for replying DMH359. I'm not showing any issues in the area. Have you tried powering down the device and removing and reinserting the Sim card? Does service improve outside?

On the VZAccess Manager have you checked for updates under the help option?

I look forward to working with you and getting this resolved.

Follow us Twitter @VZWSupport

Re: Filing a Complaint - Failure to Honor Promises

New SIM card did not help. Can't try anything outside cause this is a desktop. Updates said I am up to date. suppose to get a disc for the vl600 but still have no tracking number. When and if I get the disc I can delete the vl600 vzacess program and put it in again. If this does not work then I will be looking to cancel my broadband  and whatever phones that I have which. Are no longer under contract

Re: Filing a Complaint - Failure to Honor Promises
Asistencia al cliente


Thank you for the update. We certainly want this to be resolved. Please keep us updated once you receive the disk and if this brings improvements. If not we know we can look at other options to get this resolved.


Follow us on Twitter@VZWSupport