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Feature Request: Block entire prefix EXCEPT contacts.



Let's work together to prevent spam calls. A common practice for overseas spam callers is to illegally "spoof" numbers in a Verizon customer's local prefix in a feeble attempt to make spam calls seem more legitimate. Many of us can instantly recognize these calls as spam because the last 4 digits of the number match no one in our contacts. It is possible to automate that matching.

I would like to request the following call blocking feature: I wish to block ALL NUMBERS starting with a given prefix which ARE NOT in my contacts. Alternately, I wish to block all numbers starting with a given prefix, with a handful of exceptions, which I am willing to enter manually.



Re: Feature Request: Block entire prefix EXCEPT contacts.

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This is a customer to customer forum. So not much( other customers ) can do. Also the odds that this ever becomes a feature anytime soon are low in my book.

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Re: Feature Request: Block entire prefix EXCEPT contacts.

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My retired Samsung Galaxy S4 running Lollipop does have the ability to "block", (aka DND),  entire area codes, exchanges and individual telephone numbers. My current Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge doesn't. It can only "block" individual telephone numbers.

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