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Fayettville NC sales office


I do not like being lied to. I was told when I upgraded to my new phone I could not keep my old plan(unlimited data,700 minutes shared)>I was not happy but after the saleslady told me I would save money I reluctantly changed plans. I now realized she lied. My plan is $21 more for less. I contact Verizon and they do not really seem to care. They so brilliantly tell me I have 14 days to return and get back my old plan and think that 45 Days later when my new bills shows the fraud of the price of my plan being cheaper is in fact a lie. I will not roll over and die on this matter I want JUSTICE and will contact whoever and get this lie corrected. Still waiting to hear from Verizon. I am a union member and will use all the clout it takes to make Verizon regret doing this. That is no way to treat a customer. Ill and Unhappy customer. I guess this is there way of getting rid of unlimited data but Sprint is just a phone call away and I will be sure to share with all 3000 of my members by contact, post letters on boards through out the area and whatever.....

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Re: Fayettville NC sales office


blah blah blah, i'm union and I demand justice! you signed the contract. it should clearly show on the document that you accepted terms and conditions on what your new plan is and what it will cost you. call sprint, then you can buy new phones and get an equally expensive data pkg - and pay an early termination fee on the Verizon plan