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Env 3 playlist names


I have a problem on my Env 3 using the V Cast with Rhapsody manager.


I can create playlists directly on my phone, but the manager doesn't see/acknowledge them.


I can create playlists on the manager, but when I view them on my phone they're all called _New Playlist.pla or _New Playlist(#).pla


I'm still doing all this on the internal phone memory (still waiting for shipping on my micro SD).  Is this something that will work right on the removable memory card?


Is this a known problem and they're working on a patch?

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Re: Env 3 playlist names


Finally figured it out.


Don't Right-click the Playlists Icon under the phone to create a new playlist.  Instead, create the playlist under the playlist tab in the panel under the sources panel.

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