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EnV Camera Issues

I am having problems with my camera on the EnV... When I push the camera button it says please wait it takes about 5 minutes for the camera to load... then i try to take a picture it takes about 5 minutes to actually take the picture... then when I try to look at my pictures its says please wait then it stops loading and it goes back to the camera menu.... is there any solutions to this? please help
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Re: EnV Camera Issues


Hi . . . on the surface I'd have to say this is just off the radar screen absurd.   At first I thought maybe you had a timer set to delay the picture being taken but that's never any more than a matter of seconds and certainly not five minutes.   Can you see if anything is obstructing the lens that would trigger a very long exposure?   Sometimes a case cover for your phone can cover the lens and cause a super long exposure.    You may want to try pulling the battery and allowing everything to reset as well, though I doubt that's the issue.   You didn't say just how the images were coming out (if at all).



I don't know if this camera is brand new or not but clearly it was not intended to fucntion like this and it is indeed malfunctioning.   I would return it to Verizon and see if tech support can repair it or see if you are eligible for a replacement.  Wish I could be of more help but for right now this is all I can think of for the moment. :smileysad:

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