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Employee discount on the new Verizon Plan


Is the new Verizon plan eligible for employee discounts?  When I go to the switch screen it shows my 27% discount on Minutes/Messages/Data (currently on the MORE Everything plan), but on the Verizon Plan compare side it shows no discount and says 0% employee discount applied at the bottom.  Is this not an eligible plan for the employee discount?  Or is it just not showing up in the compare page?  If the same discount applied to my $80 portion of the bill on each it may be worth switching and saving the $20 per line access fee, but if I lose my corporate discount the Verizon plan no longer is a better deal.

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Re: Employee discount on the new Verizon Plan

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Hi Beemis

Thanks for reaching out today. We want you to love the New Verizon Plan. Your employee discount will still apply. It will come off the $80 portion from yopur example.

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