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Edge question


Back in July, I was really wanting to try my hand at android (long time iPhone user) and really liked the S5. I had upgraded to the iPhone 5S several months earlier and started an edge agreement. When I decided I wanted to try a Galaxy S5, and found I was eligible to do the early edge if I paid 60% of the balance of my iPhone, I went to a corporate Verizon store to do this. My edge agreement had been inadvertently deleted by Verizon (I initially upgraded to the iPhone and started the edge agreement online) so I was unable to edge up or upgrade, as I was not shown as being under an edge agreement, and my old 2 year contract wasn't yet expired. After a couple weeks of back and forth with verizon on the phone and contact with the store manager, my issue wasn't resolved. I then decided that I would sell the iPhone online. I did sell it, and then proceeded to go to another Verizon store to purchase the S5 at full price. So, I now have the S5, and my edge agreement problems were resolved eventually. However, my edge agreement is still for the iPhone that I sold in order to purchase the S5 I now have. I'm just wondering if I am able to edge up and keep my S5, since I own it outright after paying full price. From what I understand, I would have to pay the entire remaining balance of the iPhone to edge up also...but would I have to send anything in if I wanted to get another edge phone, since I would then own both outright? Sorry if this is super confusing, I tried to make it as easy as possible to follow. Any help would be appreciated. Gracias.

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Re: Edge question


If you pay the full price on your edge agreement you do not need to send anything in.

Re: Edge question

Asistencia al cliente

Hello ssauro,

I'm sorry about the issues that arose when trying to Edge up to the Galaxy S5. I'm glad you were able to resolve this and purchase it outright. The Edge agreement for the iPhone 5S will continue to bill each month. If you would like to start a new Edge agreement for a different device, you would need to buyout the remainder of the agreement for the iPhone 5S.

In order to process a buyout I do want to let you know that if the buyout is done with a payment method other than cash, there is a 30 day waiting period to start a new agreement for processing the buyout. If you would like to start a new Edge agreement (depending on your eligibility) immediately after completing a buyout, the buyout would need to be processed in store and with cash.

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