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Early termination and trading in device for a credit?


In May of last year (May 2014) they had a think going on where when you upgraded your phone you were eligible to get a free tablet (with agreement of a 2 year additional contract) so i bought it for my Husband at the time for Fathers Day (i go the Samsung Galaxy tablet) and opened it up in my name. Well since we recently divorced he gave me back the tablet and now im responsible for the payment every month for a tablet i dont even use. So i wanna know if i do the early termination and cancel my plan and pay the fee can i trade in the tablet and receive some kind of credit that i can use towards the fee? And do i have to pay anything back because the tablet was free?

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Re: Early termination and trading in device for a credit?

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Once you pay the ETF for that tablet, it's yours.  You can try to sell it to make some money, but I cannot think of any quick flip without the wait.  i cannot think of any program allowing a trade-in of a tablet right now.  You could try an AOL/assumption of liability but I'm doubting that will be agreed upon given your situation.  I am not sure how a termination of a free tablet on promo in connection with a 2 year agreement for phone service might work.