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Dropped calls?


I've been dropping calls again for the last couple of days. A few weeks ago, I had the same problem and it sort of fixed itself.  Ever since the upgrade to ios7, my service has been crap, my 3g constantly switches to 1x, and places that I used to have great signal I know have 3 bars, and dropping calls. I can't get through a single conversation without having to call them back a million times. It's getting really frustrating when we spend so much on cell phones, for something that doesn't work. I'm at 60607, have done complete resets, network resets etc. Fix your service, or you'll have one less customer. I can't even call customer service because if I stay on the line for half an hour on hold, my phone is just going to drop the call as soon as I get connected.  My phone is a 4S.

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