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Does anyone know how to file a compliant ?


In late January 2015, I went over my data limit and called Verizon Wireless on a Sunday to inquire about the cost of additional data.  The representative told me it would be an extra $40 per month, so I asked about any other promotions that could save me money,  She told me I was eligible for a permanent reduction of my monthly charge on 2 of my 3 phones from $40 to $20 a month -- saving me $40 per month and essentially paying for my extra data.  Well - the $20 per line deduction still hasn't hit my bill, but of course the extra $40 per month went through right away,  I called Verizon yesterday and was told the promotion I was offered and accepted never existed.  They conveniently have no record of the conversation in my file,  As a customer, I foolishly thought that representatives of the company would be honest - and in this case that the customer service manager I spoke to would admit the mistake and honor the deal I was given and accepted.  They offered me a $40 one-time credit,  Verizon doesn't care about their customers and satisfaction.  I am a wireless customer since 1997, and that doesn't mean anything to them. They just dismissed me over the phone.  I gave them zero's on the phone survey I received minutes after I hung up and left a recorded message explaining my displeasure,  There has to be someone at the Company I can write to ?  Any ideas ?    For a company not to investigate and just dismiss my complaint is unacceptable.  I asked about procedures and if this employee who made me a bogus offer still worked for Verizon or if her performance reflect the bogus deal she offered me, they told me a supervisor would be notified,  If Verizon doesn't pull the recording, acknowledge their promise and make good on it - I am done with them,  I will cancel as soon as the early termination penalties end and will make sure I tell everyone I know that Verizon is not a reputable Company,

Re: Does anyone know how to file a compliant ?


Call Verizon and ask to file a complaint

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Re: Does anyone know how to file a compliant ?

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Depends on the complaint.  Doing so here only nets interaction with other customers who may or may not be able to help as long as it isn't something that requires changing an account.  then there are other types of complaints that warrant different contacts for resolution.

I imagine the rep was referring to the discount received on out of contract phones where less than 6GB discounts $15 per out of contract line and any allotment over 6GB is $25.  Between 2 out of contract lines, up to $50 would be saved and would balance out the cost of extra data, but I have no idea what plan and amount of data you were on.

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Re: Does anyone know how to file a compliant ?



Joined VW April 18 with Joss Sall Rep in Folsom, CA. Claimed couldn't email to my address. I still can't get anyone in Customer Care, porting, or Corporate Store in Long Beach, CA to help. In fact I was scammed in the store as well. Both gentlemen (?) claimed their emails wouldn't go thru. Blamed Fios. Got ahold of Fios today and found out both were sending to address when they both new I didn't have an account yet. In fact I explained this in the store with Gabriel hoping he could provide the initial contract from April 18. I've contacted both in person and the other on phone and email with to help. Still waiting for my contract for three phones Joss [removed] sold me on April 18. Thus I have no proof of any of the promotions received. Nor my billing. Slick! Because as of Friday I can't return them any longer. As of Monday, APRIL 27 my online account states its already to late to return. NOT 14 DAYS. What a coincidence?

The instore rep who sold us our sons phone on April 22 offered him accessories for free. My 25 year old would not have requested them as I was paying. When I saw the receipt online it included the full price accessories. After upgrading my Fios router and home phone line he offered the Galaxy to my son for $300. I said "whats the catch?".Since I figured I had to pay the whole $300 upfront. Which he stated next. That it was a new deal! I thought great because my son wouldn't have so many payments to me. It was all lies. I emailed him everything from out of town as I was at my sister-in-laws wedding. The receipts and contracts he never provided in store. Had me signing the flipping tablet. When I was finally able to login to Documents & Receipts, he had signed my son's phone up for Edge and my three hundred and fifty I paid him that day was actually a $100 Edge deposit, the cost of the accessories and the tempered glass screen Gabriel said we would have to pay for. Went back to him and he claimed he must not have been clear. Both my son and myself head him and I was taking notes. Store cameras would capture as well as emails for the last two weeks. THANKS TO YOUR ETHICAL EMPLOYEES!

I found the following today after getting of with FIOS with the chat saved. He stated both of these Verizon reps sent to the wrong email even though I emailed them the address I explained to both of them that I already had FIOS, TV & Internet and home phone. Gabriel even sold me the wireless convertor so I could save $10/m off my current FIOS landline. But never helped.

Verizon Wireless Corporate Security at 908-306-7900, or the Compliance Guideline at 1-844-894-8433.

I'll start with Marni M. Walden, Executive Vice President and President of Product Innovation and New Businesses and go up from there. I now have NO CHANCE OF RETURNING MY EQUIPMENT as Friday will be 14days.

Then I will make it known at the CSU campus I work for what Verizon Wireless is all about. And I will share with anyone who wants to know and see my document for proof.

Good luck to the rest of you! JEEZ! This is so disappointing!

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