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Disappointed about the "early upgrade" and "free" LTE phone promo...


I must say I'm rather disappointed with Verizon as of late.  First, I was told that adding my wife to my plan wouldn't interfere with any of our services and then was charged $500 in text message fees when I found the store had not put my unlimited texting back where it was supposed to be.  Then, I was given the $15 unlimited data promotion for a year which was also taken off after adding the wife to my plan.  Neither of these caveats were explained to me by anybody when these "promotions" were given.  I guess it comes as no surprise, then, that this one was a load of garbage too.

I have talked to several customer service representatives and Lord I must say there are dozens of curse words I would like to use right now.  I logged in to MyVerizon the other night after checking up on data usage since I have unlimited data but the wife is capped at 2GB.  I see a promotion in the bottom window "Recommended for You" that says I can get a free upgrade to a 4G LTE phone at no cost to me.  Obviously, I'm going to click on the link as I hadn't really thought of upgrading to 4G's higher end phones until the prices came down a little more.  Instead of being given the option to choose from my phones, it adds the Nexus to my cart and says I have to pay full upgrade price.  I go back to the other phones, and now they all say full upgrade price.  I go back to the home page, and now the "Free 4G phone" offer isn't even showing up.

Now, if you're still following this, I immediately called customer service and the first person I spoke to seemed more interested in getting off of the line with me as they advised me to wait for the promotion to pop back up and I will get it for sure.

I called back a couple of days later when I didn't see it and spoke to a nice young lady who then told me that she wasn't sure why it had done that to me but that I was eligible for the 4G discount - $100 off of any LTE phone and that I misunderstood "Free LTE phone".

Look.  I know the difference between "$100 off" and "Free".  One costs money, the other doesn't.  One gives me a discount on the phone I would have upgraded to later this year, and the other gives it to me for free.  Why would I upgrade now to save money on a phone that I will buy discounted in the future?

I told her that was not what I was offered and that I want what I had been offered.  She went to speak to a supervisor, and then came back and told me that the free LTE deal was a south-only promo.  Fair enough, but then why was I offered the deal and then all efforts were made to prevent me from going back to take advantage of it?  When I mentioned this, she said that her supervisor had said that they could give me the free phone if I agreed to drop my unlimited data to 5GB/monthly as that is what the southern promotion was.

I did some research and spoke to a friend who lives in the south and their promo was a free phone with unlimited data grandfathered in.  So what the heck gives with this misinformation?  I felt as if they knew I wouldn't give up unlimited data and were just trying to get me off of the phone.

Finally, I spoke with a gentleman tonight who seemed helpful until we arrived at the same point.  Except he told me that the previous customer service reps had misinformed me again and that the southern promotion was indeed grandfathered unlimited data.  I told him "Great, sign me up then".  Then the disappointment set in.  He said that it couldn't be done at all. He said I should have taken the offer last night and then had my unlimited data reinstated (as there is a 14-day policy for such a thing apparently).  So I asked why it was offered to me before with the intention of getting me to give up my unlimited data but now it wasn't being offered to me at all.  I was told "I don't know, I'm sorry".  Well, that doesn't fix the problem, does it?  He tried everything he could to sell me the lesser phones (that I already mentioned were a step down from my current phone - the Fascinate) and then basically ended the call saying nothing more could be done.

This is absolutely ridiculous to be treated this way.  I have paid my bill on time, and I know that Verizon is the most expensive carrier out there.  I have cheaper options, but I chose Verizon because the service is incomparable.  Why am I being told lie after lie after lie about what can and can't be done and being offered promos that I can't even get?  This wouldn't have even been an issue if I had just been given the original promotion I was offered without losing my unlimited data and I feel like your associate simply enjoy dangling carrots in front of peoples' faces. 

I use quite a bit of data and I enjoy my service but my patience is beginning to wear very thin between incompetent store associates and lying customer service representatives.  With my upgrade coming up soon and my contract ending soon after I'm beginning to wonder if I made the right choice in leaving AT&T at all.

Utter nonsense.  I feel cheated and worst of all I feel as if I was baited into a promotion I will now never get despite the fact that it was promised to me one night and then forbidden the next.

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Re: Disappointed about the "early upgrade" and "free" LTE phone promo...


And to make it even worse, each person told me to just "check back later" and "maybe the phone I wanted" would be discounted.

If it was "maybe" discounted, why not just save the trouble, the customer, and the time, and just give me what you offered me?

So annoyed right now....

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