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Deleted voicemails

About three weeks ago I attempted to listen to several voicemails that I had saved from as far back as 4 years ago.  Some were of my Mother who now suffers from dementia and I cherished being able to listen to her messages prior to her being afflicted as she still remembered me.  I also had several that were of my Godson as he was just learning to talk.  I did not delete these and I used to listen by pressing 9 and hearing my saved messages,  Occasionally Verizon would send me a message to let me know that certain messages would be deleted unless I resaved them.  I always resaved these special ones.  Now it appears that they are gone.  Is there anyway to get these back and if not why did Verizon do this without notice.  I just received a text message today that as of 11/21 all old messages would be deleted. Please help.

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Re: Deleted voicemails
Verizon Employee

VINCAS60, we can understand the need to keep these cherished voice mails & I would be happy to help. We want to be sure that we have gathered all the necessary details to find ans answer for you. I'm happy to help.

What is the make/model of your device? I have included a helpful link Deleted voicemails | Verizon Community that will provide details on how you can actually save your voice mails before they are deleted. Please reach back out to us when you have any other questions or concerns and we will be ready to continue helping.


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