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Deceptive Pricing Practices from Vendor


Hello, my wife and I went to the Verizon Store today to switch her line from her parents account to my account and choose a new phone.

The Gentleman at the store told us her Mom had to authorize the transfer, which she did, than told me I had to call to accept the transfer...

At that time I had to leave for work so my wife stayed to complete the transaction and I called to accept the transfer from my office...

When I called to accept the transfer the gentleman from the direct Verizon Line whom I called at 1-888-832-4540 was very polite and helpful but kept saying they should have done all this in the store and nothing they did looks right... He said I would have to buy out the phone (Purchased minutes before) at full price of $780 in order to transfer it! So in an attempt to resolve this I got the store on the line and the store rep lambasted the verizon rep saying they "absolutely can do this I do it all the time". The Verizon rep, being extremely polite said he would get a supervisor on the line and they finally approved the transfer... I wouldnt even care about this run-around accept for the fact that he literally lied to us about the price. When I was present he told us the phone would cost us $710.00 and would be charged monthly, also that my wife was eligible for a free upgarde and the credit for the upgrade would be applied to my account... However, when I got the email asking me to authorize acceptance of the transfer the price had increased to $780... I called and he said $780 was the lowest amount "His System would allow him to enter" and that for the upgrade credit he meant we would "accept the liability for the new line because verizon has done away with upgrade credits".

I am absoilutely furious with this store right now, is it a common practice to tell folks its one price and than change it to another in the hopes they dont catch it? How can someone tell you that the "upgrade credit will be applied to your account" than after they sell you the phone tell you there is no such thing as an upgrade credit? I am a very honest and fair person and I understand that mistakes can be made- however in this instance I am all but certain that because I didnt stay with my wife to increase the transaction they literally just increased the price and took complete advantage of her because she trusted they were doing the right thing. What recourse is available? If possible I would sincerely appreciate some support and intervention from Verizon directly as I do not trust this store what-so-ever, I literally wrote down the exact price of $710 as he was telling me and I also wrote down credit upgrade will be applied to account... Now that the phone is sold the rep is telling me thats not what he meant!!! HE'S THE ONE THAT SAID IT IN ABSOLUTELY NO UNCERTAIN TERMS!

The store was:

TCC West Chester Pike

West Chester, PA, 19382

I appreciate any support.

Ryan [removed]

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Re: Deceptive Pricing Practices from Vendor

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I'd consider contacting Ken Dixon:

Leadership | About Verizon


Re: Deceptive Pricing Practices from Vendor

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Community Manager

Hello RYANLAU32,


I'm so sorry to learn of any poor experience at one of our store locations. Your service should always be stellar, no matter how you contact us.  I'd be happy to look into this personally and get it taken care of. I've sent you a Direct Message in the forums, so we can communicate better and find a resolution, as well as provide your feedback to the store. Thank you very much,



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Re: Deceptive Pricing Practices from Vendor


Third party retailers are allowed to sell the phones for whatever they like. They buy the phones to have in their inventory. If they want to sell the phone for $1,000 they have the ability to do so.

That is why you are provided a total at time of purchase. You then have the ability to reject the sale total or accept it. Signing the papers and walking out with the phone is acceptance.

With that said, if the price of the phone on your sales receipt is different than the price on the Device Payment Plan agreement then you have an issue.

Also, it didn't used to be but transferring a DPP with an Assumption Of Liability is possible and the rep on the phone should have known that. Typically the AOL should be done first though.