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De-cluttering the Clutter


Verizon, along with other wireless company's go out of their way to ensure to a 'would-be' customer, that they have the mejores coverage in the United States. Verizon in my opinion is at the top of this list. The "clutter" as I'll call it, you know what I'm referring to, the nice big map as you walk into the Verizon store showing the U.S.painted in red indicating all the nice coverage overlaps, needs de-cluttering. It's a visual distractor, a lure, inaccurate technical fluff or quite honestly a visual 'false' advertisement. It's the side by side picture of a person who lost 100 lbs in 2 days using the sprout diet (okay, i'm being dramatic here, but you get my's sleight of hand advertising). Case in point, I own a 3G device, my wife and daughter own 4G devices. I have a tower (data below) approximately 2-miles from my house. None...that's right...none of our cells receive signal, not a single bar unless I stand in the corner of my house with one hand on my head the other rubbing my belly singing the "YMCA"! It's a joke! They sell you a service plan that isn't. Mind you, when I look at my area map, It shows full coverage (like i'm living in a constant thunderstorm, its red over my house-see image below and attachment for my specific location). My neighbor has the same issue, however he's with AT&T. The theory of RF isn't the issue, it is what it is. It's either there or not and in both our cases, it's not. The solution to the issue is an extender. Approaches to the issue is the issue!  For example, the fix for him was asking for a wireless extender, a tower in the home if you will. See he approached AT&T with the issue and they provided "AT NO COST" an extender. They acknowledge the lack of coverage. In my case, Verizon says it's not their fault, I was informed of this today when trying to find a solution to the problem. Both the tech and the store rep in Canton, treated the issue as if, well to bad, here's our version of the fix, it's going to cost you more money. When I broached the issue of an extender, I was told I would have to purchase one at the fair cost of $239 USD. "Fair cost"? So, I have to purchase another piece of equipment just so the equipment I previously purchased can work. Are you telling me 'YOUR' service is that bad that attitional equipment is warranted.  But what about the map that indicates unobstructed and reliable signal in my area, what about that tower that's owned by Verizon only 2 miles from my house? Why is Verizon nickel and diming everyone from equipment charges to over-redundant charges to our billing statements? Isn't this a breach of contract, I don't remember reading anything about the additional purchase of equipment in order to get base line service! In the end, it's the customer that drives the market, its the customer that makes or breaks a business. I'll honor my contract because it's the honorable and right thing to do, but when it's up, I'll be taking my business elsewhere, at least to an honest organization that doesn't make excuses for its service issues and one that puts the customer and his/her suggestions front and center, and certainly one that doesn't "sell" my data to others to include the very gov't I worked for. Organizations that find solutions and fixes to and or around a problem need commending, unfortunately in my view, Verizon doesn't deserve such action because they haven't earned it.  

  • Ownership Info
    Company:Verizon Wireless
    Correo electró
    Alpharetta, GA, 300097630

    Company:Verizon Wireless (VAW) LLC
    Contacto:Not Recorded
    Correo electró
    Alpharetta, GA, 300097630
  • Tower Characteristics
    Registration #:
    Structure Type:Mast
    Date Constructed:02/10/1999
    Ground Elev:1163.1 feet
    Height Of Structure:250.0 feet
    Overall Height:1431.2 feet
    Structure Address:

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Re: De-cluttering the Clutter

Sr. Member

Unobstructed? Not sure where you got that word from but Verizon Wireless's customer agreement actually has quite the opposite:

¿Dónde y cómo funciona el servicio de Verizon Wireless?

Los dispositivos móviles usan transmisiones de radio, por lo que lamentablemente no podrás recibir el Servicio cuando tu dispositivo no esté dentro del alcance de una señal de transmisión. Y ten en cuenta que, incluso dentro de tu Área de cobertura, hay muchos factores que pueden afectar la disponibilidad y la calidad de tu Servicio, que incluye la capacidad de la red, tu dispositivo, el terreno, construcciones, la vegetación y el clima.


Re: De-cluttering the Clutter

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Verizon coverage maps have never shown levels of signal strength  just if their is one. Great, good, marginal, poor, are not differentiated on the maps