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Data down for two weeks?


I am in Bangor Maine (04401) and for the last 2-3 weeks I have no data available. Even mostly-text services like google or email will not load, or load extremely slowly. I'm talking two minutes to load google search results for a restaraunt location. 
At first I thought it was a glitch, tried restarting or waiting, but it's been weeks with no improvement. If anything it's getting worse. 
The speedtest app says I'm getting 10MB down but after four minutes I still can't get a single email to load. Something's up. A hardware problem would affect a speedtest, right?
My phone is an iphone 6s plus. My plan is an old 40GB data plan that got grandfathered in at some point, since I've been a customer since like 2006.  

Any ideas for more testing I can do to try to narrow down the problem?

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Re: Data down for two weeks?

Asistencia al cliente

Help is here for you Blahsblah. We want you to have the experience you deserve. I apologize for the trouble you're having. Based on what you have shared, the issue could be hardware, software or full internal storage. Please unsure your device has memory available? Please use this link for the steps: If that's not the case, I would also ensure the software is current:  BobbyN_VZW