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Customer service nightmare


I have been in the process of porting my number from another carrier. I am waiting for 2 iphone 5s, one gray one gold. I'm an apple frantic so I know and understand the situation with the backorder. My frustration kicks in when speaking to customer service, I traded in my old iPhones for a credit, so I am without my phones. I call in to get some info on the shipping of my order and I consistently get misinformation.

My first ship date was 11-4-13 speaking to an agent at 9pm pacific on 11-4-13  they were insisting that my order would still be shipped out on that day. Really?

11-10-11I recv an email stating my next ship date would be 11-9-13 the funds have been pulled out of my acct for my devices, I did not recv email with my tracking number, I call cust sic and the person I speak with stated that"in the notes" my payment shows invalid, but my order will be shipped out to me still. Then I was hung up on.

Called back to see what we can do to get my devices (if in fact there was an error in payment for WHATEVER REASON I CANNOT THINK OF)or correct info, I am adv that nothing is wrong with my payment that my order will be in fact shipped out 11-11-13.

I am still sitting here waiting for my automated email with my tracking number.........has anyone else experienced this issue? It really has me contemplating canceling my order and sticking to my other carrier who's cell service isn't as reliable as Verizon's but has exceptionally better customer service.

Please if you have info that sheds some light on my situation please share. Is this the customer service one should expect from verizon?

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