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I have been a Verizon Wireless customer for the last 7 years and was completely happy until recently. I moved to an area that did not have good coverage recently and I was missing a lot of calls. I upgraded a phone on Jan 11th (because the other phone was busted and it was cheaper to upgrade than use the insurance) and  the next day I started the "process" to have the service fixed or have the contract cancelled. It took Verizon 1 month to come to the conclusion that my service problem could not be fixed and they were going to terminate my contract with no fees. After this decision I returned to the store where I purchased the upgraded phone and attempted to return it. The store denied my return because it was outside the 14 day return policy. I then began calling the Customer Service phone number and spoke with multiple representative on numerous occasions about my issue. Each representative had a different solution to my problem. Some were certain that I had no option but to keep the phone or trade it in for a gift card that could be used at Verizon Wireless (which is useless to me as I cannot use their service any longer), while others were absolutely set on the fact that the store has to take the phone back and give me my money. Multiple "supervisors" contacted the store where I purchased the phone and spoke with the "manager", upon which they all received different answers from the store. I drove to the store located 30 miles from my home for a total of 6 times. Each time I drove to the store they denied my return for different reasons... I did not have the original box, other people from my area have service so I should have had service, it was outside the 14 day return policy, the account did not contain sufficient notes about the service issue.. And so on...... It is almost 2 months later and I have spent approximately 20 total hours on the phone with Verizon, approximately 10 total hours in the Verizon Store located in Paris, Texas, and I am still sitting on at least $700 in useless phones. I frustrated that something as simple as returning a phone, after Verizon took longer than their own return policy states to determine they could not fix my service issue, is impossible.

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Re: Customer Service

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The return period is 14 days, not 14 days or longer while we determine the service quality at your home. I guess I am at a loss why you would renew your contract if you were having service issues at your home AND service in that location is important to you????

It is EXTREMELY doubtful you will be able to get a refund on your phone if you are outside the 14 day return period. You may want to look into selling the phone on a site such as where you would be able to recoup at least a major portion of the cost of the phone AND any ETF you will incur by leaving Verizon.

If you have broadband internet in your home, have you considered purchasing a network extenter?


Re: Customer Service

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If you were having connectivity problems you never go and buy another device. You also put in a request to terminate service so what did you think was going to happen to the new device you purchased. There is a 14 day return policy minus a $35 restocking fee.

Now since Verizon let you out of a full contract you did not have to pay the $350 plus your plan amount lets say another $120. so $700.00 minus $350=$350-120.00=$230  so you are not out of $700

The problem being that device is as you said useless. But if it is brand new you can sell it to swappa or sell it to someone wanting Verizon service. You may even make more on the device and you will be happy.

Verizon already did you a good service, customer service or the store is now at the no way stage.

Have fun at your new provider, hope there is a cell signal there at your new home.

Good Luck