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Customer Service- or Lack Thereof


About a week ago or two the top button on my iPhone 4s stopped working. Since I have had the same phone for 3 + years I figured I would try to sell the phone and upgrade. Unfortunately if I had brought the phone in before it broke verizon would have given me $200 for it, instead of the measly $35 they offer if anything is wrong with it. I decided to go to apple to see of they could fix it-they can't. I then went to a Verizon store to see what my options were. After waiting 15 minutes or so a salesperson came over to me. I told her I wanted to upgrade and possibly trade in my phone. She starts off by saying I should get $200 for trading it in, unless something is wrong with it. I disclosed that the top button wasn't working and she said, "oh well, we'll have to look at it and see but you may still be able to get that amount." Then she goes, "let's talk about cases." This is before I even said I was definitely getting a phone, before she looked at my phone. She apparently tells everyone who gets and iphone not to leave without a case because if you get one scratch, your warranty is voided. I told her I would think about it after. I don't like the feeling of someone trying to shove a product down my throat. The whole time she was speaking with me she was also talking to other people in the store and it felt like she did not care about helping me at all. She takes my phone, brings it in the back for 10-15 minutes and tells me that she could offer me $36. And she tells me that there was a lot of junk in the ports and they were corroded, but she didn't even write that in the system. She acted like she was doing me a favor. Even though I know $35 is what they offer anyone whose phone is broken, including someone with a smashed screen. I told her I'd hold onto my phone for now. She then gets the phone I asked for and starts setting it up. She doesn't tell me she was switching my number from my phone to the new one. I only found out cause a text on my old phone didn't go through. She takes the new phone to the back for 5-10 minutes and I have no idea why. And this whole time she's setting it up she's not trying to talk to me or telling me about the phone. She didn't tell me a single thing about the phone. Basically just put it in the box and handed it to me. She rings up the phone, tells me it's $250.00 and has me sign an iPad. I assumed that the price was what it came to with tax. I didn't realize there is a $30.00 upgrade fee. It's fine but it would've been nice if she told me. She asks if I want the receipt in the bag and I say yes. I decided to go to Best Buy, which is in the same shopping center for a case because I figured they'd be priced better and I didn't like how the saleswoman was trying to sell me on the cases. I walk in, find a case, and decide to look at how much the iPhones are at Best Buy. They were selling the same phone with verizon service for $149, when 5 minutes before I spent $199. I was extremely disappointed. I go back to my car and realize there is no receipt in the bag. I decided to go back to verizon and ask for my receipt that I should have gotten in the first place and to ask them if there was anything they could do about the price difference. Of course they say they don't price match and there's nothing they can do. The guy tries to compare it to asparagus being $0.99 at one store and $1.99 at another. I get what he was trying to say but it's really not the same at all when I spent $50.00 more than I should have and had terrible service on top of that. I called to ask them about returning, but since they charge a $35.00 restocking fee, it wasn't worth the $15.00 to me to return the phone I was now using and drive back to the store. I am still however, extremely disappointed with verizon and will not buy my next phone from them. It goes to show you that you should always always always compare prices before you make a big purchase. Also goes to show that verizon salespeople aren't as accommodating and/or caring as they should be.

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