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Customer Service misinformation ruining our relationship


     On Tuesday, 10/20, I called in to customer service to see what were the options I had in being able to upgrade my phone,being that my current phone was acting up and only charging when it felt like.  Knowing that I would lose my unlimited data if I wanted a dicounted phone, I asked if it was possible to get a phone with a payment plan and keep my data package as it was.  Before he even denied me that option, he said I could upgrade my phone at a dicounted price and keep my unlimited data.  I asked him several times that this information was correct and I would not be losing my unlimited data plan.  Each time he replied that everything would remain the same so I ordered the phone, which I recived yesterday.

     After receiving the phone, I checked the receipt and it showed the plan I was on was a 2gig plan for the same price I was paying.  At this point, I was lucky I had taken the day off of work as I would need it for Verizon.  The first representative I talked to told me the first thing I had to do was to return my phone to a Verizon store so I could restore my unlimited data.   Then I would have to upgrade my mother's line (standard lline with only voice that I have on my account) to a data line and purchase the phone through her avaiable upgrade and when I arrived back at home, switch her new phone to my line and cancel her data plan.  When I arrived at the store, they wouldn't accept my phone and told me that all the infromation I just recived was incorrect.

     Then I returned home and once again had another 45 minute interaction with customer service.  This ended with me asking about how to terminate my plan and seamingly no concern on Verizons end in me doing so.  I was very upset, comparing the experience to breaking up with a girlfriend, in this case, of 13 years.  Of course, in one last ditch effort to save the relationship, I called back knowing she couldn't reach me if she tried as my phone was currently off and not wanting to charge.  So I call, with a perfect excuse, "Are there any cancellation fees atttached to my account if I were to leave?".  That's when we started getting back together.

          This was my most positive interation of man that I have had with them.  The representative made sure I would be able to return the phone to the Verizon store as that would be the first step in reinstating my unlimited data.  After I do that, I would be able to purchase a phone with a payment plan but would need a temporary phone in the meantime.  No problem, I return the phone to the store and it is accepted.  That night, my phone decides to charge up and now I have my temporary phone, for now.  When I calll back to active  it, they telll me I would not be able to purchase a phone on a payment plan untill November 15.  This is the first time I heard of this.  This wholle experience has been one person telling me one thing, next person telling me the last person was wrong.

     In conclusion, after three days of inconvenience, I'm left with my old, unreliable phone, waiting for approval for my unlimited data back.  I don't know yet if I'll be able to get a new phone on payment plans once I get the unlimited plan back because nothing I've been told is correct until it acually happens.  The one thing I do know for sure is I have no termination fee on my account.  I hope it won't come to an end but, I feel like I did all I could to keep us together.

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Re: Customer Service misinformation ruining our relationship

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello Pascoal_Pedro,

I'm terribly sorry to hear that you've experienced such frustration in regards to your upgrade! I know I'd be quite upset to get such conflicting information as well. I can certainly clarify. We will be allowing upgrades to the Device Payment Plan on the new, higher unlimited data pricing. If your line is out of contract by November 15, and is affected by the pricing increase, you can then upgrade. However, before the change is effective, upgrading will still affect your unlimited data plan.

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