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Customer Service is Awful


Let me explain; My brother and I were both involved in a boating incident today and both of our phones got fried. My brother has AT&T. He went to the store, they walked him through the insurance process and told him not to worry about paying right now, they'd add it to his bill. He was in and out in 5 minutes with a new phone being shipped overnight to him. I am obviously a Verizon customer. We both went to the Verizon across the street right after dealing with his situation and they told me that they can't do anything for me in store. I asked if they at least knew how much it would be to replace my phone, they didn't have an answer. They instructed me to go to the insurance website online and file a claim. Difficult to do when your phone is your primary source of internet, but hey - I went home and fired up the old desktop computer. I go to the insurance website and its down for maintenance. So now - I pay $120 a month for ONE phone line with LIMITED data and I physically can't get a phone from you guys? I wouldn't even mind the price if the service was worth it, but clearly it's not. Although I can't get a phone from you, I'm sure you're still going to want your money though right? You guys should really step your insurance game up if you want to compete. Not everyone has that kind of money to drop on the spot to cover the deductible and some people use their phones for work, so going without for an undetermined amount of time isn't really an option.

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