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Customer Service Reps are wholly unqualified to serve customers


I have been dealing with several issues over the past few weeks and have been given false information on a number of occasions. I was double billed on my checking account asa  result of this incompetence and the lead to believe I could upgrade my phone early up until the actual order was placed and then was told they would call me back and no return call was made. When I contacted customer service about these issues, I was basically told that there was nothing I could do about the situation and when I expressed a wont to switch to another carrier after having a Verizon phone for almost a decade, I was essentially told they were sorry to see me go. No attempt was made to keep my service in any way. It is concerning that I pay my bill on time every month and when I need assistance from customer service, I cannot trust the information I receive there because of being told several false pieces of information over the past several months on various occasions. Overall, I love my Verizon service but the customer support is completely unreliable and I cannot be trusted at this point to actually help me. It is completely worth an ETF to get away from this company as a service provider at this point. Unfortunately, I have to pay in order to get away from Verizon but at this point, I am not being given any other options by Verizon Customer Service. I have a feeling I will get no reply from Verizon regarding this because of their complete lack of respect for their customers and not sure if they will even leave this post on the forum but if so, I encourage anyone that has similar issues to reply so that Verizon sees that their customer service reps need to be better trained as a whole.

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