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Customer Service Complaint


We have two family plans, one with 5 phones, one with 3 phones.  Only one has texting (a daughter who is totally blind has a IPhone 4s).  We bought in January, but it hasn't worked perfect from the beginning.  We brought it in, due to several issues.  One, Siri isn't working.  The lady said she knows nothing about "special needs" apps, but this isn't a special needs app, it comes with the phone.  We can't change volumn, or darkness of screen (screen for us not her).  The lady couldn't figure it out, again said it was too many apps.  We only added 2 apps, and most people who are blind use many more.  I wanted a new phone, but she said we would have to pay over $100 to get a new one.  She became very angry at me, and stormed off to speak to her "supervisor."  She told him we were causing problems.  He gave us a grumpy look, and said something like, "What is going on here?"  I decided to leave and check into other companies, he yelled after me, "Well I can't do anything if you don't tell me what is the problem."  We have been with Verizon for several years.  We pay always on a regular basis.  ALSO, our billing is all messed up.  A very nice Verizon man on the phone said he could lower our payments, and noticed that there are only 2 on the second account, but there are 3 on our billing.  Several days later, another nice Verizon man called, and said basically the same thing, saying he was going to check into things and get back to us, and would be able to lower our payments.  I could not find any email address to "complain" about the very impatient, bad customer service (she was young, and didn't seem to know much, but just kept justifying her not knowing by saying it was our problem because of "special needs."  What do I do?  Should I just change carriers?

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Re: Customer Service Complaint

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That's completely up to you if you want to change carriers.

Verizon's customer service has been going downhill recently so if you like your provider to have great customer service I would look elsewhere.


Re: Customer Service Complaint

Asistencia al cliente

Hello adoptn2,

We are passionate about our customers and their wireless happiness. Please allow us to showcase this to you today. Based on the information that you provided, our assistance is clearly needed. I have a few questions for you to get a solid understand of the issue so we can customize a solution. May I ask is there any physical or liquid damage on your iPhone 4s? Also, what iOS and carrier version do you have installed? I'm confident that together we can get your device working for you. If you prefer to review options for another device then we can do so as well.

There's no need to consider switching wireless carriers. I want to direct our full attention to your concerns on your account and device issues. You mentioned that a new phone was $100. Was this for an insurance replacement? Have you verified your upgrade date yet? If you can update us on this info then we can share equipment options. Also, you stated that you had some billing issues. Details on this concern will be appreciated as well. Your reply is eagerly anticipated as we want you to love being a part of our wireless family.

Thank you…

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Re: Customer Service Complaint


There are several problems.

        My daughter's phone is (eliminado).  She bought a 4s around

January 4, 2014.  She is totally blind, and this phone is used by many

people who are blind.  She added just two apps.  At first the Siri worked,

but now it won't.  The lady said she had no idea what it was, because that

is an app.  I told her that we thought it was on all phones, and it was on

this phone before we even added any other apps.  She said we are wrong.

She said we would have to go to the Apple store to learn how to operate the

phone.  No one, including the lady trying to help us at Verizon, could

change the volumn or even the brightness on the screen (needed by us who

can see, so we can help her learn to use it).  Again, she said that she

didn't know how to use phones for the blind.  The lady said that if we

wanted to replace the phone with a new one, it could be done with the

insurance contract, but we would have to pay over $100.00 to get a new

one.  The lady kept telling us that because the phone is for a blind

person, and we have apps, that the phone is messed up due to the apps.

BUT, the other people who are blind and have this same phone, have many

more apps (including one that can read paper money, through the camera,

without going on the internet).  The phone has caused minor problems from

the day we bought it at Verizon on Coburg Road in Eugene, OR.

      The other problem not talked about with the lady, because she became

angry at us, and so we left, is our billing.  Two different phone customer

service people have tried to help us pay less, because right now we have

two family accounts.  The first guy said we only had 2 people on one family

plan and 5 on the first plan.  We are being charged and want 3 on one plan

and 5 on the other plan.  Both guys said there is another plan, for up to

10 people, that we could change to, which would lower our bill.  We only

want internet access for the (eliminado) number, and we want parent

control over some of the other numbers.  My husband's number, (eliminado)

needs a new, simple phone as his is pretty old and the battery no longer

holds a good charge (he is 70, and just needs a simple phone, that is easy

to use).

       I will hold off on changing carriers, until I talk with you again.

We have been with Verizon for awhile, and I don't like to bother with

changing companies, so I'd like to work this out.  But, I will not deal

with that woman or her supervisor.  There is at least one lady and one man

at the place on Coburg Road, that are very polite, very knowledgable, and

patient.  It seems that the less the person knows, like the lady, the worse

is their customer service communication.  I wish I had taken down people's

names, but I didn't.

Thank you for any help you can give us,


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Re: Customer Service Complaint


The Best way to handle your phone issues is go to AT&T I have 5 months b4 I can I'm counting the days. Verizon was great but now they are getting greedy and do not care about the 10 year customer. There customer service is awful. just my 2cents


Re: Customer Service Complaint

Asistencia al cliente

Thanks for detailing your issues adoptn2, and I'm sorry to see that you had to deal with a rude rep. What specifically is happening with your daughter's Siri? Are other Apple features like iMessage, iTunes, and AppStore working? Also, you do have free iPhone support from Apple 800- 275-2273
for the first 90 days of purchase for any issues that we can't resolve.

For the price plans, if the accounts are already in the same name, you can combine the accounts and add them to a More Everything plan. These plans include unlimited talk, text, and then you share data amongst the lines. Check them out here

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