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Fidelización de clientes


It seems Verizon has no real interest in customer retention when it comes to upgrading phones.

I understand technology ages and with the release of every new phone, our phone from only a year ago are worth a fraction of their original price.

But why is it that i can switch at this very moment to another carrier, get the phone I want for 90% off just for signing up with them where Verizon will only give me less than $200 to trade in and only an additional pitiful incentive to upgrade.

Do we have to play this game every 24-36months when new phones come out. Switching back and forth to carriers to get the best deal when you should be bowing down to the clients who faithfully pay their current bill every month.

I switched to Verizon to take advantage of the deals that were available bundling with FIOS when I purchased my new Condo but have no problem to leave Verizon to take advantage of bundle deals with a competetor who also offer cellular and home internet/cable service with very appealing deals as well. 

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