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Customer Complaint


Let me begin by saying I have been a Verizon Wireless customer for NINE years now, which is saying a lot because I'm only 22.  Since I've been with Verizon, I have had zero complaints...until today.  I'm beginning to feel as if they're starting to value their customers less and less because I'm not clamoring for the new iPhone 6, my concerns don't matter.

Let's start from the beginning.

On 9/17/14, my phone randomly stopped charging so I took it into Verizon to see what the issue was.  Ivan, the customer service representative in my area was very polite and told me they couldn't really do anything because it was the phone itself.  Seeing as I discontinued my warranty, I knew my only option was to upgrade my phone.  Seeing as my husband took my upgrade for his account and his upgrade wasn't due until December, I knew the only way to be granted an "early upgrade" was to call customer service.  I called and a man by the name of John assisted me with my purchase.  He was very kind and seemed very knowledgeable, so when I asked him if my phone would arrive overnight, I took his word when he said yes.  Overnight would've technically been today (9/19/14) because I ordered past a certain time.  I completed understood.  Since I was anxious to get my phone, I call Verizon today to ask for a tracking number.  The representative named Stephanie told me that the phone wouldn't arrive until 9/22/14, I was quite upset with this.  She asked if I wanted a free accessory for my troubles, to which I declined.  I called back again to speak to a representative named Andrew, who was more than reasonable and PROMISED me that my phone would arrive no later than 9/22/14 and for all my trouble he gave me a credit on my next month's bill.  Although I was upset to be without a phone for five days, I figured there was nothing I could do and accepted his credit.  Since my husband is in the military, he doesn't typically use his phone that much at work so I asked to keep it and to my surprise, I received a text message on his phone with a tracking number saying my phone wouldn't be here until 9/23/14!  I called Verizon back and asked kindly to speak to a supervisor, to which I was told by a wonderful woman by the name of Diane, "They're so busy with iPhone concerns that they can't be bothered with something like this."  I have literally called Verizon 15 times today asking for a supervisor only to have representative after representative tell me that I can't speak with one.  This is absurd!  Really? They're so busy catering to the needs of iPhone users that a customer who has been loyal to them for almost a decade can't even get a moment of their time.  Needless to say, the representatives I spoke to today were giving me the run around and made false promises.  Now, I'm stuck without a phone for almost a week, which is pretty difficult because I'm a law student and I can't communicate with anyone.

Thanks Verizon.

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