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Customer Care Representative: Jessica | Worst Ever


I am on the phone with the worst customer care representative of all time.  She is not interested in offering a resolution for me as the customer.  I am concerned that the policies and procedures of the company have created this poor attitude and customer service. 

I believe that Jessica needs to transfer me to the supervisor to resolve this matter - since she cannot resolve the matter.  However, instead, she is sitting in silence with me on the phone saying that she cannot transfer me to anyone in the company to resolve the matter.

This is customer service?  This is Verizon? 


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Re: Customer Care Representative: Jessica | Worst Ever

Not applicable

As with any posts to a HELP forum maybe someone here can assist you if it is not related to billing or cellular tower.

Not any private information.

I would just hang up and try the wheel of fortune method.

Maybe you will get one that does know what they are doing.

Good Luck

Re: Customer Care Representative: Jessica | Worst Ever


This is odd - Maggie, the supervisor, had to call me at my Verizon wireless cell phone number, which she had in her records, but Jessica could not transfer me to Maggie because it was against company policy to do so.  Maggie informed me of everything in my bill - as if I could not read my bill.  But when I said that the agent that changed my plan did not explain that the charges for a "NEW PLAN" were not effective until the next month - even though they changed "THE PLAN" immediately, she informed me that I was lying.  What's more, is that the agent didn't tell me that the refunds would not be effective immediately - even though the "THE PLAN" was effectively immediately.