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Current Sprint customer.....why should I choose Verizon?


I'm a long time Sprint customer. Sprint has been "okay", but not great.  Tolerable. Adequately sufficient service, prices, and coverage.  I'm on a family plan with four iPhone 4s'.  Unlimited everything. Total monthly bill with usual fees and taxes averages $230.  Can Verizon do better than this?  Why else should I switch or stay away?  Also, I've not gone full-term on my contracts with Sprint.  Does Verizon pay those?

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Re: Current Sprint customer.....why should I choose Verizon?

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Verizon does not pay early termination fees, Verizon has a four line plan for $160 plus tax and fees but you need to pay extra per line for the phone. So it comes out to more money not less.

Verizon charges for data and no longer offers unlimited data. So if you go over you will end up paying much more.

Verizon has better coverage than sprint, and has 4G LTE and better.

But all in all you will save absolutely zero to switch.

Sprint is upgrading the network under something called Spark and Vision so your service may improve. Depends on where you live and travel to. Wall Street Journal states deal is complete for Sprint to purchase T-Mobile, but it will take awhile for Softbank to get approval.

Good Luck


Re: Current Sprint customer.....why should I choose Verizon?


Me too, me too!

Elector I am always amazed by the accuracy of your responses. YOU REALLY have your "stuff" together.

Regarding Sprint - in the overall view of Cell Service, they are not cheap - reasonable, maybe.

Their MVNA (maybe not the right acronym) - like Republic are really better at coverage, lower in price and just great at phones.  Been in Telecom for over 46 years, Amateur Radio for 35 years, a Verizon customer for 27 years....and cannot come up with a decent reason for any person who lives in a city, works in a business and shops in big stores to sign up with any of the big carriers.  You can get their coverage - and save 70% and do it without a contract.

Thanks for your great responses...honest..

BTW, this is my LAST day on this forum, my number is porting tonight - out...