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Could someone decode this?

If i get a voicemail, it says this message,


     VZWVVM:SYNC:ev=NM;id=33;c=1;t=v;s= (PH# Left MSG) ;dt=11/04/2018 18:22 -0400;I=8;dev_t=5

If i hang up the voicemail it sends this


I changed my greating, and this got sent be a new 90008000 number


I am a little confused why. Could anyone tell me how to stop the code? I still like the messages sent to me.

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Re: Could someone decode this?

Which phone model do you have? Are you using the basic non-visual voicemail or a visual voicemail?

The translation is the Verizon server thinks you have visual voicemail, but the phone is either not setup to receive visual voicemail or the phone isn't capable of using the Verizon Visual Voicemail application.

Basically you have to either setup visual voicemail on your phone or add a block to your line to prevent the system from automatically assigning visual voicemail to your line.

I'm most definitely NOT a VZW employee. If a post answered your question, please mark it as the answer.

Re: Could someone decode this?

I am receiving similar messages Screenshot_20190822-100624.pngIf the problem is video voicemail, how do I block that like you suggested?