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Cost of my bill...


I just want to find a way to lower my monthly phone cost so i am not paying alot of money for my phone service!! Does anyone know how to go about this??

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Re: Cost of my bill...

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Eliminate any bells and whistles on your plan

Switch to a lower amount of data

Reduce your minutes

Eliminate text plan

Use Google Voice free text

Switch to a basic phone

Reduce the number of lines on your account

Switch to pre-paid

Switch to another provider

Don't use a cell phone


Re: Cost of my bill...

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Use two cans and a string.

Go outside and yell.

Use tom-toms and smoke signals.

Write letters and support our failing USPS by buying stamps.

Move to Europe, Latin America, Russia. Phone service there is 1/2 to 1/3 the cost of cell phone service in the US

Inquire about employee discounts.

Get your employer to foot your whole bill as a business expense.

Get a work-provided phone.

Ask your employer for a RAISE.


Re: Cost of my bill...

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Hola Mrhardy,

Great question! I know how important it is to get the best value for your services. I want to help. Is there a particular charge on your bill that is making it high? View your bill online . If there is no particular charge, then you can run a quick account analysis via MyVerizon to look for cost savings on your current plan . Keep me posted.

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