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Compromised phone number?


My account was compromised at Verizon by a restricted phone caller with music at the beginning of the call, these calls were placed strategically and understood the time i went into a store and then went outside of the store while seating on the bench at which time i would receive the call  the Roanoke city police department would not render service as a customer after a second encounter with caller; and replied i will not trace on your phone and hung up before you could reply, she was over extended seemingly aggravated by the call at the end of the hang up. Date was July 21 at 11:02 am after a number change from a newly purchased phone less than a week ago which already had the number 540-XXX_XXXX, new phone number is *** *** **** Verizon directed me to call the police while the Roanoke city police said call Verizon both together do nothing about it and will only change your number. i since have registered with the FederalTradeCommision under the do not call program and filed a complaint with the FederalCommunicationsCommision,  with a separate incident with my company cell phone which i feel could have been the person responsible for the theft, Call timing was precise to know my exact moment i was seating myself.

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