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Completely Fed up


I was recently due for an upgrade on my phone and I ordered the HTCOneM8 on the Verizon Wireless website Wednesday 5/14. I ordered the phone because it was advertised as being on sale for $99 (regular $199)with free 2-day shipping. I received an e-mail conformation shortly after. On Monday 5/19,I still had not received or been charged for the phone so I called Verizon's customer service line. After being on the phone for an hour and 38 minutes and transferred to 8 different people, I was told that my order had been cancelled. I was told that I live on a "high fraudulent street" so a red flag was raised and my order was canceled. The woman on the phone verified who I was and said that she released my order and that I would have it on 5/21. I asked to speak to a supervisor because the SAME PROBLEM happened when my fiance tried to upgrade TWO months ago. We were on the phone for four hours, told to go to our local store to pick up the phone and when we arrived they had no idea what we were talking about. We then had to travel an additional 25 miles to the next closest store with the phone. We had no idea of cancel until we called and once again, spent hours on the phone with several different people who couldn't help.

The supervisor, Jim, assured me that my order was fixed and that the reason I was never notified was because of a common computer error they are trying to fix.

Today on the 21st I still had no charge and no phone. I called and once again, sat on the phone for 45 minutes only to be told that there was never an order placed!!! The man on the phone told me that he can see in the manager's notes on my account that the order was released on the 19th but the woman I spoke to never completed the order. He then informed me that the phone was no longer on sale and that I would have to pay $199 if I wanted it. I asked to speak to a manager who eventually(after being very rude) agreed to wave the fee and give me the phone for $99 since he could see I ordered it while on sale and said that he would over-night ship it to me for free. As of right now, I still have no emails or charges and I am SUPPOSED to have the phone tomorrow.

The same thing happened two years ago when we tried to get our current phones. We ordered the DROID RAZR because they were BOGO(pay $199 for one). Order cancelled,no notification, and by the time we realized, sale was over. At that point we were told there was no way to honor sale so we paid $199 for each phone. From my current problems, it is clear that they could have honored the sale and we should not have had to pay the additional $199. We will be switching carriers when contract is complete.

This email has also been forwarded to the Better Business Bureau.

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Re: Completely Fed up


Sorry to hear about all of this. It seems to me that it would be easier to go to a store to buy your phones. That way you'd be guaranteed to get the promotional price and would walk out with your phone activated. If it is too far to drive to a VZW store, you can always get your phones at Best Buy, Sam's Club, Target, Radio Shack and even Walmart. I guess I am also most confused about why you'd accept the new phone and stay for another 2 years if you're so dissatisfied. You could easily refuse the package and the phone would be sent back thus not renewing your contract and you'd be free to leave at any time.

Hope it works out for you.

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