Complaint against Verizon Customer Service


Good Evening,

I do not know if this is the proper place to address this issue, but my complaint is against Customer Service, so I cannot possibly call them back.

I had a harrowing experience with a Verizon Call Center today - spoke with Teresa, and Casey a Supervisor between 1:30-2:30 pm today EST.  Please check and listen to the tape. Teresa was rude and insulting, suggesting that I am trying to beat Verizon out of $40, when I am a 15-year Verizon customer who has always paid my full bill on time. I asked both employees "what is the next level of appeal" at Verizon and niether had any idea. I find this incredulous.

I have been trying to resolve an issue since October 4th with a wrong HUM upgrade and the fees associated with this egregious trepass of an error.  I talked with Verizon Customer Service about these matters on the following dates;

10/28/18-Patrick & Skylar; 11/5/18-Arielle; 11/7/18-Ebony & Emily; 11/12/18- Kaylie, Chaleigh Arnold & Thaddeus. In every instance before today, I had been assured that the $40 balance on my account had been waived or credited and I was told specifically that it was no longer due. This was because of all of the angst involved in trying to resolve this issue. The call today, however, went beyond the pale and I need to talk to someone at Verizon who handles grievances beyond the Customer Service Center. I would rather return the HUM and cease to be insulted about a fictitious $40 dollar balance. The treatment today by Teresa was outrageous and the cavalier attitude of Casey, the supervisor was at the bottom of the barrel of customer service.

My name is Gail [removed]

Personal information removed as required by Verizon Wireless Terms of Service

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