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Complaint about store on Broadway and 109th st in NYC


Where can I file a complaint about this store?  I've never felt so abused when I asked for help. I needed some advice setting up my phone.  I was assigned to work with, George, to help me with question regarding my new phone.  He was impatient, rude and obnoxious.  He gave me some advice and when I asked him to continue helping me, he told me to go home and figure it out there.  He then took out his Ipad and started to play a game.  I still was not certain that I could figure it out at home and I needed some more help in the store so I asked to speak to the manager.  He then started snickering with the security person and called me privileged.  The security person at that point took out her phone and took a picture of me.  It's beyond me that his position is 'customer  service specialist'.  Someone that works in customer service should be patient, polite and helpful.  He was none of the above.

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Re: Complaint about store on Broadway and 109th st in NYC

Asistencia al cliente

We are very sorry to hear about your experience in that location. As part of the Verizon Wireless family, we would never want you to be treated this way, and this information will be elevated to the proper channels to make sure it is addressed. If you ever need any real time assistance with your phone, any agent in Customer Care would be happy to assist you with patience, and understanding. They can be reached on Twitter at @VZWsupport, on Facebook at, or they can be called at 800-922-0204.